Raan Rolltop Shoulder Bag / Backpack[ black on black ]


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Raan is a unique Stighlorgan concept based on dual functionality. It was designed to be worn as a backpack or a shoulder bag. This version is the Raan original which means it is the full size 34/ 40 liter version. This size makes this Raan a great every day/ travel backpack

Raan mid has square dimensions which means it hangs in a perfect diamond formation when used as a backpack. This also means that when used with only one strap it functions as a classic messenger.

Leather straps secure a rainproof rolling tubular flap. When rolled it functions as an every day carry all. But the rolling top can also be extended for larger loads/ travel and secures with a secondary leather strap system. To make this possible the same straps attach to a different set of post studs so that it can fasten in a different location. This offers protection against rain even when extended.

Straps secure with our custom ball and post stud/ leather strap system. We’ve enlarged the traditional ball and post stud used on military and utility packs and we’ve used a thicker leather than normally used. As a result we have the best strap fastening system you’ll find out there. Strong enough to withstand years of pulling and fastening without losing its grip. We’ve used the same system for over 14 years now so we know it works.

Features a side loading vislon zipped laptop pocket for up to 16inch laptops. A floating laptop pocket so it doubles as a trainer/ camera compartment. Also has an internal secure zip pocket in the main compartment.

Angle mobile shoulder strap design for comfort and strength. We use D-rings to secure our straps. This means they are able to pivot their angle. This in turn means they always lie flat on your shoulders, no matter your shoulder width. Again, a tried and tested system we’ve used for over 14 years. Whether you are cycling to work, or going on an 8 hour hike, this strap system moves with you and stays comfortable in a way that fixed straps do not.

Main body is made from a waterproof and durable triple layer Core D7 poly canvas main body. Trimmed with 18oz coated cotton canvas, tarpaulin vinyl and full-grain leather. Lined in tarpaulin for a second layer of waterproofing and trimmed further internally with cotton hickory canvas.

Lined with tarpaulin for a second layer of waterproofing. Also adds strength and comfort.


– Dimensions: 22 × 40 × 40 cm

– Literage: 34 liters extendable to 40 liters.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 22 × 40 × 39 cm

black on black

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