Orme Paget Hand Twisted Cuban Bracelet


A Cuban is a Belcher chain that has been twisted flat. Cubans are a classic bracelet. Most Sterling silver Cuban chains are machine-made and most have the top and bottom shaved off to increase the flat effect. The clasp is almost always, to my mind, the awkward part of the bracelet. The link that is out of place. The part you wear on the inside. With intention to fix these flaws, Orme Paget cubans are hand drawn sterling silver wire, hand bent into rings and individually soldered to make up a Belcher. This chain is then twisted by hand until the bracelet lies flat. The clasp is a longer double loop. Matching the other rings in form. The bracelet is secured by pushing the corresponding V-shaped parts of the last ring and final the double ring together at 90 degrees, creating a seamless clasp technique.

– 3mm thick 925 Sterling silver.
– Polished.
– Hand twisted Cubans that have not be run through a roller always have a curl to them when hung by one end. Please expect this.
– When worn the cuban curve of each link sits perfectly.

Weight 1 kg