Horus Washable and refillable mask[ Black ]


Stighlorgan washable and refillable surgical insert triple-layer poly gabardine hazardous particle and pollution mask.

– The first of its kind, we’ve combined beautiful materials with the ability to include a surgical level of air filtration.

– This mask has an opening at the bottom which allows the insertion of a standard-sized surgical mask. The mask will then unfold vertically to the same dimensions as the surgical mask insert.

– Surgical masks function by being charged statically to pick up particles in the air. By adding this electrostatically charged triple-layer material within the mask you will benefit from the static filtration these surgical masks offer. Far beyond what a simple cotton or sponge mask will achieve.

– The inserted surgical mask also lends its nose bridge wire to create an airtight seal.

– With the surgical mask being hidden it allows the use of brightly masks which are easier to purchase even when demand is high.

– The mask is fully washable and it is recommended to wash and to change the surgical insert often.

– Made in London.

– Comes with 1 surgical mask insert.

Weight 0.5 kg



M, L

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