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A versatile flaptop style with an external pocket and leather secure straps
– The perfect size for day to day use with enough extra space for overnight or gym items.
– Main body is made entirely of our trademark coated cotton canvas for superior protection against the elements. This coated canvas has also been screened in a classic military rain camouflage pattern.
– Trims include 20oz canvas, tarpaulin, leather, sailing rope, matt nickle hardware and more
– Shoulder strap triangle is constructed from high tech black reflective material. Black during the day but will reflect direct light at night
– All the signature Stighlorgan details such as custom ball&post closure strap studs, twisted rope handle, leather stampa patch and Crios badge
– Fully lined with our trademark rope striped canvas

Dimensions 14 x 37 x 52 cm

rain camouflage

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