Callahan Compact Side Pack[ Black ]


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A new small items concept, Callahan is designed to be a handy collection of pockets perfect for days when a backpack is too bulky. Inspired by the latest Cash Lanes collection the Callahan design was inspired by till pouches, cash pockets and highway tool slings.

Callahan has a range of features designed to make it an invaluable addition to your daily setup.

  • Width, height and depth designed to work perfectly cross body and under the arm.
  • Articulated straps mean it can also be worn cross body on the front of the chest.
  • The bellowed front pocket means Callahan can be packed slim or full as required.
  • Front pocket is in a trademark L format that appears throughout the latest collection. This allows for full access to secondary pockets inside and easier function.
  • Water tight internal pocket inside the front pocket means that items can be stored securely whatever the weather.
  • Callahan features a concealed cash compartment hidden on the left gusset that allows for emergency cash storage. We’re a London based brand and we’re realistic about pick-pockets.
  • Comfortable broad shoulder strap secured with our trademark union hooks for articulated use without any noise.

Fabric specs:

  • Japanese made 210D high-density nylon. A very special fabric which we custom make at our mill in Japan. This fabric is woven with such unusually high density that it is naturally hydrophobic. This means water duck-beads off the surface. It also means it is highly durable.
  • Tarpaulin internal detail surrounding the wet zip compartment.
  • Our trademark cotton hickory striped denim lining internal detailing.
  • Powder coated zamac/ zinc alloy hardware for lightweight strength.

Literage: 2.5L


Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 19 × 16 × 8 cm


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