Rori Rolltop Laptop Backpack[ black-on-black-2 ]

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Based on Stighlorgan’s most versatile capacity adjustable Ronan rolltop backpack, Rori is designed to adjust to whichever use is required. All in a more compact medium literage format. When Rori is rolled it functions as a daily use laptop backpack. When the rolling top is extended it becomes an increased capacity, larger load backpack ideal for travel or transporting larger items. Protects against rain in both formats. Features a side loading Derlin zipped padded laptop compartment, in a floating construction which means it can double as a trainer compartment. Also has an internal secure zip compartment. Angle mobile shoulder strap design for comfort and strength. Core D7 poly canvas main body with lacquered canvas, tarpaulin and full grain leather trim. Black reflective 3M shoulder strap triangles.

– Rori is a medium-sized version of Stighlorgan’s Ronan backpack.

– Sharing the same features as Ronan, Rori is capacity adjustable with form and dimensions that considers comfort within a broad range of uses.

– Leather straps secure a rain-proof rolling flap. This flap can extend and secure to allow for larger loads.

– Triple-layer Core D7 main body is waterproof and even when extended Rori’s unique secondary fastening technique can offer protection against rain.

– Sideloading back wall Derlin zipped laptop pocket for up to 15 inch laptops.

– Dimensions: 27 × 19 × 43 cm

– Literage: 22 liters extendable to 36 liters

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 27 × 19 × 43 cm


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