We often turn to the concept behind military clothing and accessories for inspiration.

The functional – and very adaptable –  ball and post stud, also known as the Sam Browne or mushroom stud, was first created by the British Army in the 1940’s. It developed its popular name after its extensive use on a belt invented by the British General Samuel Browne. The General wore the belt which held his scabbard and holster over his shoulder, across his chest and around the waist to compensate for the loss of his left arm. The stud’s clever design has a shape inspired by a bullet casing and allows for simple, yet secure single hand fastening.

Our custom designed Stighlorgan studs are larger than the original and made from Zamac, a family of zinc alloys well-known for being lighter than stainless steel, but with the same corrosion resistance and durability. Having a focus on practical design and detailing, we appreciate the simplicity, security and durable nature of this style of fastening. Stighlorgan’s ball and post studs are easy to use and always set on a leather finger loop. Using a finger under the loop and a thumb to slot the corresponding strap holes through the ball and post, our bags can be securely fastened with one hand.