4 ways to travel - a gift guide for 4 kinds of dad



HomeWorker_21. No commute means no need for serious workwear everyday. Get comfy with Wood Wood’s Heston sweatshirt.
2. Another great easy wear, Elvine’s cotton linen Wallie shirt.
3. Get a limited edition print from the talented Mr Guil, who specialises in complex illustrations of imaginary cities filled with madness. Great eye candy to ponder during coffee breaks throughout the day.
4. How to keep a homeworking dad in a great mood, 365 days a year? With a fresh smelling home office.  Earls Of East London are honestly some of the best out there and offer monthly candle subscriptions.
5. Just because your dad works at his office at home, doesn’t mean he doesn’t have to look sharp (and keep his trousers up). A classic Whelan belt from Stighlorgan will do the job, and look good doing it.
6. Gift a great vinyl for the best work ambience. Kristina Records is one of our favourite record shops in Dalston and is an awesome browsing experience either way (maybe you need a new record more than Dad does!)



1. Some prefer a 5 minute journey. Some rather a 45 minute walk.  Stighlorgan’s zip-top backpack, Oisin – is compact and perfect for any long journey by foot.
2. Another perfect walking companion, Roban drawstring backpack by Stighlorgan. Lined with waterproof tarpaulin in case the rains come.
3. Can’t be walking in the summer sun without a good pair of shades.  Wood Wood’s Scorpio is our top choice for an original frame with a heavy build.
4. Palladium boots were the choice of the French foreign legion. Needless to say they will see any Dad through miles of city roads and will easily eat-up any mountain hikes should you deviate from the beaten track.
5. A good rain jacket is always handy for those unexpected summer storms or early autumn rain. The Elvine Öckero jacket is a collaboration between stylish Gothenberg-based jacket makers Elvine, and Grundens who are the original swedish deep-sea rain mac makers. They have the technology to weld seams instead of stitch them so the Ockero remains a sharp yet 100% waterproof solution.
6. Finally audio. When you find a pair of headphones that deliver the same audio definition as a private sound booth you wont notice or care as you rubber neck all the way to work. We recommend Sennheiser Momentum, for Irish-made audio bliss.


1. Urban cycle inspired outerwear, from BEE clothing, designed and made in London.  Flip Commuter jacket has reflective details that flip to be exposed or hidden. This makes it perfect for night time cycling as well as protecting you from the rain and wind.
2. Cycling is a big part of daily life for everyone here at SLG.  The most trust worthy and on-time transport in the city comes via the combination of two wheels and a bit of man-power.  Keeping your bike safe without having to carry a massive D-lock is tricky. But we’ve found a great compact solution. The Bordo 6000 Ecolution is a folding steel bar lock from Abus is an awesome little fella that offers excellent protection at a size that is easily packable (also thinking this is an excellent pub bike solution but we can’t really say that for legal reasons…)
3. Sketch down thoughts in the Bicycle travel journal.
4. Complete the look with BEE’s limited edition Aztec 5-Panel caps.
5. One of Stighlorgan’s most popular backpacks of 2015 so far.  Ronan laptop roll-top backpack has a unique roll-top system that allows 10 litre capacity expansion, external side access laptop pocket, waterproof materials, luxurious leather trims and hidden black reflective detailing for night time cycles.
6. Cillian zip-top backpack is Stighlorgan’s latest compact silhouette. It has a uniquely angular shape that makes it feel more like a carefully constructed folio than an ordinary backpack.


1. Keep things slick with Harry stedman’s slim fit varsity jacket. This jacket is a great representation of Harry Stedman’s purist approach. It is made by the ‘Golden bear’ factory in Cali, USA. They are one of the original US varsity jacket makers. Sometimes only the real McCoy will do.
2. This kind of Dad has a car to keep all his gear in. But if he needs a towel for the beach or trainers for the squash court, the Stighlorgan Kavan bag is the ideal grab & fill tote.
3. A coveted Stighlorgan item. Sé grip bag is a faithful homage to the Steve McQueen era getaway bag, realised in luxurious leather with modern features such as the ability to be worn as a rucksack so that this dad can go the gym in style.
4. Driving a convertible in the sun says tortoise shell shades to us. Wood Wood’s Scorpio sunglasses fit the bill.
5. The Wood Wood Damien shirt will get this Dad a slice of that classic Wood Wood shirting style. Perfect for the convertible we’re imagining he owns.
6. Who needs a convertible when you could be driving a frickin’ DeLorean DMCEV! – nuff said..