SLG Store - Stighlorgan flagship store opens in the heart of Dalston.


We’ve had a busy 6 months! We’ve been planning our first permanent London store. We chose Dalston as it has been Stighlorgan’s second home for 4 years now and its simply our favourite corner of London.

Reflecting Stighlorgan’s core brand values, the SLG Store’s design is modern and finished to the highest standard we could achieve. The minimal design puts emphasis on the craftsmanship and detailing of our products, and highlights the quality materials that we work with.

While most retail stores are led by apparel, the SLG Store is led by our accessories. This is an extension of our commitment to making great bags. Unlike clothes, you don’t change your bag every day. They stick with you; they follow your story; they become a part of your life. Our ever evolving seasonal stories are showcased in full and we’ve also selected a range of menswear that complements our direction.

The SLG store is one of our proudest achievements and is a space we want to welcome you all into. The collections will continue to evolve as our seasons roll on. We’d love you to be part of the journey.
Stighlorgan : SLG Store
No.1 Stoke Newington Road, Dalston, London N16 8BH

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