Remember those drawstring bags that were big in the 90s? Made from nylon and usually emblazoned with a big sportswear logo (think Ellesse, Fila or maybe Sergio Tacchini if you were *really* into your terrace wear), they were all the rage.

This drawstring backpack is pretty much the most simple design for a backpack that it’s possible to make. That said, we decided to give it a bit of a 21st Century luxe makeover. As well as re-rendering the body is deliciously stiff polished bridle leather, we switched out the old lightweight string handles for our trademark Irish sailing rope. With great tensile strength and a thicker gauge, it’s perfectly comfortable even when hauling around a laptop, and beautifully soft to the touch.

The drawstring bag has become a bit of a classic piece with the revival in ‘90s fashion of late. But if (like some of us) you’re old enough to remember the ‘90s the first time around, then we know you’re going to want something a bit out of the ordinary. Driscoll is definitely that…and we’ve got an awesome new colourway coming for AW14.

Watch this space.