Whatever your dayjob, we pretty much all live in jeans now. From the humble builder to the sharpest of style gurus, everyone’s got a pair of jeans in their wardrobe, and that most staple of materials has been seen on everything, from Britney-era cowboy boots to car interior upholstery.

Chances are though, that 99% of it was classic blue denim; maybe black if you’re being mysterious. For this version of our much loved Oisin though, we’ve gone with red. And not a bright scarlet either, this red denim is a gently lightened hue, softer undyed fibres mixing with a deep-dyed red for a softer, fuller and more delicious shade that will age gracefully.

The denim material itself has a rough, ridged texture to it that contrasts neatly with the black waxed canvas lower half and shiny black leather trim. So it’s not just the denim that makes this bag, as with all of our bags, it’s like a good Irish whisky: a carefully-selected and blended combination for a fuller flavour. And who doesn’t like a dram of whisky?