We know that the last embers of summer are just burning out in the campfire, but that’s exactly why we reckon now is the perfect time to make the most of the remaining summer weekends.

As any seasoned weekender knows, picnic blankets are an essential part of the ‘going to the park’ ritual (along with ice, limes, gin, tonic and proper glasses), and the only way to carry them is to strap them to the bottom of your rucksack.

That’s why our Rian has these gorgeous straps on its underside: it’s a detail that many backpacks from the beginnings of the backpack had, and we’ve reworked them in high-quality black bridle leather for strength and durability that’ll also look sleek when you’re not in picnic mode.

It’s a detail that’s both practical and design-focused, and one we’re going to be making the most of for the last weekend in August.

Check out the Rian here: