Watching a sunset in idyllic surroundings is one of life’s privileges. We don’t like to be prescriptive, but as 5 to 9 is all about filling the hours outside of the office with brilliant adventures, we couldn’t *not* chase the setting sun (seems an appropriate 5 to 9 thing to do this week as this summer, and our current season ‘Chase The Setting Sun’ is coming to an end.

We asked our friends to share their favourite place to watch the sun goes down with us:

Where: West Railey Beach near Krabi in Thailand
Why: It was low season, so the beach was almost empty, which is unheard of at any other time on Railey Beach. We’d spent the day rock climbing and snorkling and we were knackered – that feeling when every cell in your body can’t stop yawning – and it was the best feeling. We sat in silence and watched the sun set with cold beers in our hands and sand between our toes.


Where: Lantau island, Hong Kong
Why: Because most people don’t know Hong Kong has as such a place to offer. A place where u can see clear water during the day, shooting stars at night. A place I can go after work to feel completely relaxed.


Where: South Iceland
Why: We spent hours driving through a glacial park in the south of Iceland. The sun hovered over the mountains and ice forever, following us along as we sped through the desolate terrain. We were listening to Tarot Sport by Fuck Buttons. Best sunset of my life. Easy.

Where: Dun Laoghaire
Why: The reason I like Dun Laoghaire for sunsets is because of the view across Dublin bay, the old harbour piers and the ships coming in and out of Dublin Port in the distance. Makes for a great image.


Where: 4th Floor Balcony, Smithfield Market D7
Why: Like all good writers I am profoundly lazy. This means enjoying things like meteor showers, eclipses, northern lights, will o’ the whisps, St. Elmo’s fire, ball lightning, UFO’s and other beautiful natural phenomena calls for superhuman efforts on my part.
Lifts have to be organised. Sightings have to be scheduled. Calendars have to be referenced. Pants have to be put on. All of which means I usually put it off, optimistically assuring myself I will definitely catch it when it comes back in seven years.
Fortunately, nature’s masterpiece, the setting sun, is more considerate. It makes itself available daily, year round and through some fortunate conjunction of the spheres, atmospheric gases and presumably leylines, some of the most spectacular sunsets I’ve ever seen can be viewed from the comfort of my little apartment’s balcony.
It is the perfect place to enjoy the setting sun as it draws through the air, pulling violet strands and crimson ribbons from the sky until it passes into night. I can return to my couch and slump in wonder at the endless pageantry of the heavens while my dull eyes flicker across the expectant countenances of Materchef’s contestants.

Where: Roof top of Stighlorgan HQ, Dalston
Why: It’s been the most amazing time, working in Stamford works.  This brilliant warehouse studio has been not only been our HQ, but also a fun work place where we have met some of the most talented creatives I know, as well as some of our now closest friends.  Most afternoon during the summer, everyone would gradually head up to the roof after a hard day of work for a catch up,  hang out and watch the sun goes down.  I’ve lost count of how many sunset I’ve watched on this roof. But it’s now time to move on, with exciting times ahead.  It’s going to be a great autumn!