In the spirit of our 5 to 9 series, all about filling the hours outside of the office with wondrous fun, brilliant friends, and new experiences.

The thought of just setting off on your bike and riding into the night is completely intoxicating. It can also be a recipe for disaster if you don’t know where you’re going to end up.  And let’s be honest, not many people would do it without support.

But then, if you’re an East London native, you’ve probably heard of the Dunwich Dynamo. On the Saturday night nearest to the full moon in July, cyclists of all abilities and ages set off from London Fields for a 120-mile overnight ride to Dunwich on the East coast. It used to be a competitive event, but now it’s more of a turn up and have some fun. As the peloton snakes its way across the English countryside and the sun rises, it can be a seriously beautiful way to spend an evening…which is just what one of our mates got up to the other week.

Raymond Ho is one of the founders of lighting company Atelier Areti, and a graphic/product designer by trade. He’s an outdoorsy type, and after a few years working around Europe, he’s settled in the UK and trains regularly with RPCC (Richmond Park Cycling Club), who took part en masse in this year’s Dynamo. “The overall vibe is the best thing about the Dynamo,” he tells us, “I was there with my crew, and everyone at the Dynamo is just there to have a good time – the beer at the end was definitely something to look forward to!”

Although he was worried about the slippery roads before the ride, luckily it didn’t dampen his spirits: “it only rained for two or three hours in the middle of the cycle,” he says, and he’s already planning another, longer ride: “I guess the Dynamo is kind of training for my bigger ride later this summer,” he tells us, “I’m planning to do Lands End to John O’Groats!”

And despite the lengthy wait at the finishing line for a coach back to London with hordes of other tired but satisfied cyclists, Ho would definitely do it again. His exact words, really, sum up what the Dynamo (and indeed our 5 to 9 series) is all about: “Yeah, why not?”