The Divine Detail: Zip It


Round here, we don’t just sit in our ivory design tower, firing out products and never using them. Everything we make is tested by us (and a few mates who we use as accessory guinea pigs), so we know pretty much what works and what doesn’t. Thankfully most of the time it’s the former, but sometimes it’s important to learn from your – or someone else’s – mis-steps.

In the case of the laptop zip on Conn, the idea was born from seeing people faff around in meetings, on trains and at airports, struggling to retrieve essentials from inside their packed bags. With Conn, the idea was to eliminate this faff, and make it super-easy to get what you need out of your bag. Hence the laptop pocket: with a full zip down the side, you can get your computer out and be working in the smallest amount of time possible, but it is still protected between two layers of padding (and your back) for maximum protection. It also takes the pain out of removing your laptop at airport security; and anything that does that is in our book, A Good Thing.

The additional top zip pocket is big enough to safely store your other essentials on the go, so you can keep the main pocket stuffed to the ginnels, and not have to wade through old socks or dirty T-shirts to get to the things you need. Not that that’s ever happed to us. Never, actually. Not at all.

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