The Divine Detail: Earning Conn’s Tiger Stripes


Every time we put together a new collection, we go about it in…let’s say a rather different way. First off we pool our ideas in-house on loose themes and trends, and then we package them up and ship them out to our writer-at-large, Davin Gaffney. He comes back to us some time later with a poetic work that unites these themes, and we then reinterpret that into accessories.

It’s not the most obvious way, and it’s certainly not the easiest, but this is the way we reinvent our products, each season, every season.

For SS14, Davin wrote:
Beyond the crest unfurls a valley – striped with pine and pasture, strokes of sand and shale  A tiger’s back stalking between shades of dawn and dusk – hunting a sun that never sets.

We loved the image of the tiger’s back so much that we took him at his word and recreated it on the Conn. It turned out that getting the right tiger print repeat is more complex than we thought, and we had to redesign and rework it quite a few times before reaching the iteration that we’ve got now. We never said it was going to be easy, but we do insist that it’s beautiful.

See Davin’s full poem here & find out more about Conn backpack here.