Just the other day, we were in Covent Garden and happened upon a pop-up shop. Not exactly a new thing in London’s retail Mecca, but this one is a bit different: BBSC is a boutique that focuses solely on British designers, and is run by fashion industry insider Daniel Peters.

Peters explained to us how the whole idea came about: “I wanted to bring British menswear to a mainstream audience, and to show guys that British design is really easy to integrate into your wardrobe – it’s not scary! Britain is the home of menswear, so why not put it on the map?”

Peters has worked and consulted for everyone from H&M to Burberry, and opened his first popup shop for Vogue Fashion’s Night Out back in September 2012. While his initial opening fell short of expectations, with each successive project (including pop-ups on site at London Fashion Week), he has refined and improved his approach, culminating in the current iteration of BBSC.

“There was a gap in support from retailers for British menswear brands,” Peters explains, “and the idea of BBSC is to make the consumer look at premium British menswear with a new eye: as an alternative to big international luxury brands. We also act as a supporter and incubator for brands, giving them a platform to shine.”

Although Stighlorgan has Irish roots, our Dalston based design studio gives us a British perspective on fashion. Peters was keen to stock our accessories at BBSC: “With Stighlorgan, as well as being easily wearable, consumers can tell the quality immediately from the brilliant detailing.” It’s always nice to hear things like that, right?

Anyway, before our ears burned any more, we had a nose around the shop and discovered a load of lovely pieces from British designers like Ashley Marc Hovelle, Vidur and Hentsch Man. It’s definitely worth a look if you’re on Covent Garden in the next few weeks, or alternatively the website is here.

BBSC Pop Up Shop, 9 Earlham Street, Covent Garden, WC2H 9LL