If there is one blog we’d like to recommend this summer, it would be:

Ian, who worked with us on building has always been a true nomad.  The nature of his work has always allowed him the chance to be on the move whilst he completes projects.  While working with us on our website he covered a good chunk of South Asia.  At our last catch-up with Ian, we asked him, ‘Surely at this rate, you will run out of places to go soon?’ Ian smiled and replied; ‘All it takes is a little afternoon boredom, and I have a map in front of me… and I’ll always find something!’

So this year, without disappointing us, he has taken on another long journey.

This time, Ian has decided to take a walk.  A long costal walk around his home.

49 days into his journey – 476 miles completed, 154 miles to go.

Beautiful images, quotes from local encounters and Ian’s daily diary – this is a refreshing summer read.