Our SS12 collection is inspired by the expression ‘sunblinded’.  Sunblinded represents the part of a journey that moves through a barrier, passing between dark and light.  Moving from a dark room or cabin to the outside; the bright light of the sky causes momentary loss of clarity.  Returning to that same dark place from the bright sky creates an equally powerful polarization as eyes adjust. It is this light-play that has inspired the SS12 collection.

This inspiration manifests itself in a collection cut cleanly in half, moving between dark and light product:
– A deep navy leather drawstring bag that represents shade from the sun.  Black bags and belts with  subtle green trims that represent a green flash as the sun disappears.
–  Raw stone coloured canvas bags with black leather trim represent extreme light where only outlines can be described.
– Brightly coloured mercerized cotton beanies represent fragmented flares of colour.

The whole collection is held together with signature Stighlorgan rope detailing; rope appears on all product whether it is rope piping, rope handles or cast pewter rope rings.


drifting free from certain destinations
the course shifts to unfamiliar horizons

sun warmed winds pass over us
a sun warmed satchel brings comfort in the shade

cross the border into the blinding sun
a glimpse of green in unclear shadows

spring summer twelve
sunblinded, dark & light


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