The day after St.Patrick's day


I’m sipping on a cup of tea with the balcony door open letting fresh cold air slip in. The sky is clear but I fear most heads are not. Tea. Warm tea. I think, like a good cup of coffee once you have an Irish tea you will never go back to anything else. Full of flavour, in some ways its like good coffee and can take a period of time to grow on you. I’ll venture out now shortly. To where I don’t know. Dublin is small enough that you don’t have to plan to meet people in advance. People can be more spontaneous here than in larger cities.

Walking around Dublin is a delight on a dry Sunday. Everyone is more relaxed with no real purpose to their day. One of the great results of the property collapse is that rents on retail properties have gone as low as possible. This has lent to lots of small independent cafes and restaurants opening up. There are pop up restaurants that open for three months before moving on. The quality of food has improved too with people looking for better value for their money. Today I shall go to Merrion Square to look at the paintings that artists display around the outside of it. Tourists will be there too, taking pictures of the perfectly preserved Georgian buildings that make up a large portion of the city centre. Then I’ll walk towards Grafton Street and see what happens. There is always something happening. Then again, there is always nothing happening. That’s when you chill, have a drink and chat aimlessly with friends watching the world go by.