LAYTOWN [ Conversation with Kim Cunningham : Part 2 ]

S:  Could you tell us a little about Laytown, the village you are from?
K:  Laytown is a small village, on the East coast of Ireland.  It’s in a beautiful setting by the sea, but unfortunately has very little else to offer.  There is a quiet and monotony that is present in village life, and that feeling that ‘life just goes on’.  That said, it is not without its sense of charm and character and warmth.

S:  What has changed your view of your home village more; simply leaving and returning with fresh eyes or the process of documenting it and why?
K:  The view of my home village has always been the same, and the process of documenting it was more to represent the feelings and emotions had (have), rather than question them.

S:  Is there something interesting you have learnt through documenting the people of Laytown?
K:  Yes I have learnt a lot, as nothing is how you expect it when photographing people.  I’m not naturally comfortable with approaching people that I don’t know and the process has been challenging, but very rewarding.

S:  Your ‘Portrait of a village’ project has some very striking portraits. Could you pick some of you favourites and tell us a little about the people behind the photo?
K:  I don’t think I actually have any favourites but they all have a story…

S: We know you still go back regularly and that this project is still on-going.  Do you feel that much has changed since you took your first image of Laytown?
K: A lot has changed not only in the area but of course the country itself and things seem to have come full circle.  In a sense a lot has happened but in a strange way it seems like very little has too.


Conversation continues tomorrow…


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