The weather


“I don’t understand, there was supposed to be a terrible storm today. The weather seems very fine.”

He held out his hand to see if it would collect a raindrop.

“There is. This is the most terrible storm we have ever lived through.”

“You must be mad then. I can see no sign of any storm.”

“That’s how terrible this storm is. It is so large and rages so violently that we can only see some tiny fraction of it. Its immensity is incomprehensible to creatures as small as us.”

His hand returned to his pocket.

“More likely, you are gone mad. There are hardly any clouds. The ones there are seem light and powerless. The sun blazes right down on us. How can you say there is any kind of storm?”

“Do you think ants feel wind the same as we do? No. The gale to us is nothing to them. It blows right over their heads. The wind that howls for a fraction of a second to us blows steady for weeks to them. This is a titan’s storm. It is not a storm for me or for you.”

“There is no doubt then. You are mad for sure.”

The mad man nodded his head and watched an ant crawl out of the ground.

“Yes. They say that about me indeed.”


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